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19th June – L’ ou com balla at the Corpus Christi Day

Coinciding with one of the oldest festivities in the history of the city, Corpus Christi, the tradition of “l’Ou com balla“, which consists of an egg dancing above the water dispensers, in the fountains of courtyards, cloisters and gardens of Barcelona’s most emblematic, that are decorated for the occasion with flowers and cherries.

It is a unique Catalan tradition that began in the XVII century. To some people it means the cycle of life, time and continuous movement, others think it represents the body of Christ.

We can see it in the cloister of the Cathedral, the Royal Academy of Bones Lletres, the Archive of the Aragon Crown, the Museum Frederic Marès, Archdeacon House, the House of Starters, Barcelona Athenaeum, the church of Santa Ana, the cloister of the church of the Conception, the Col•legi Escolàpies Llúria, the Monastery of Pedralbes, Sant Camil Workshop School and the parish of St. Jerome Montbau.


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